How can I define San Fereolo if not as a puzzle, made of wines coming from many different parcels of land sprinkled throughout the Dogliani territory. I acquired my vineyards a little at a time starting 1992, the birth year of this estate. Often these plots of land belonged to people that were too old to continue farming, and in any case each plot was chosen for the strength of character that it would impart to the wines, and for the history of those who had worked the land before me and had left their memory in that place like the roots of the vine leave them in the soil. With patience I gathered the parcels, scattered on the right bank of the river Rea, between Dogliani and Monforte d'Alba, and now it has become a winery of 12 hectares, capable of produ- cing about 45,000 bottles a year. We are in the southern part of Piedmont, adjacent to the Barolo wine country in the Langhe, but our territory has remained more wild, still scattered with woods, hazelnuts and fields. A variegated landscape, dominated by the circle of the Alps and its fresh breezes that make it an ideal location for such a demanding grapevine like Dolcetto.


San Fereolo
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