About Me_

My name is Nicoletta Bocca. I began this work in 1992, trying to learn all I could from my neighbour, who had always been a vine grower. I came from Milan and I knew nothing of the countryside, the rhythms and nature of farming. But my father, who has always loved good wine, used to bring us to the Langhe every year because this land held memories of his youth as a partisan and bringing the family here was a way to teach us about the na- ture of things, both wine and history. My memories are of memorable meals and wines that were followed by the ritual buying of cheeses, truffles and wine, of encounters with men and their stories, and acquaintance with the wine producers, whom my father met during the war. So my first approach to wine was as a wine drinker and this I have never forgotten. I've always kept at heart the qualities that a client may be searching for in a wine: age worthiness, evolution in the open bottle, consistency and elegance, truth. Gradually, as I learned this wor k, I tried to cut out my own interpretative space, to find a correspondence between my character and what I do, I tried to give a depth and meaning to the phrase 'wines with personality'. I hope I have found the right path.


San Fereolo
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