The Wines_

We work with the traditional grapes of Piedmont: Dolcetto, Barbera and Nebbiolo with the addition of a white wine made from "foreign" grapes, Rhine Riesling and Gewurtztra miner. The grapes under go their metamorphoses with slow vinifications, which are never forced. The wines tend to express strength but not arrogance. They seek to combine the terrestrial and incarnate aspects embodied in the grape skins and in the earth with tho- se of pure vertical force present in the aromas of the primary fruit. They rise straight up, reaching towards the sky like the fire of the burning vine clippings on February evenings, after the pruning. These wines also reflect the character of the person who helped them to be born, for better or for worse. They are not made to be complacent; they are not looking for compliments or non-critical approval. At first they are closed within themselves, somewhat solitary, but once they feel at ease they reveal all their loyalty and their potential to last and improve over time. They are faithful companions, reflecting an impression of old Piedmont as a land of treasures hidden by modesty, self restraint and obstinacy. Values no longer desired and almost lost to memory.


San Fereolo
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